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November 2016

The 6 instagrams that you must follow to be happier

November 1, 2016


I really love instagram, one can see so many incredible photos and ideas…people are so creative. Today, I bring you 6 accounts that I really really love and suggest you to follow! I promise they will really improve your mood.

1 – Oh Happy day

Who: Jordan Ferney

About: We put the “ART” in parties. (We also put the parts in parties. And the pie in parties. Basically, we like to put things into parties.)

ohhappyday2 ohhappyday


2 – Candy Minimal

Who: Matt Crump

About: He captures the world’s most colorful people, places, and things. Matt’s signature use of surreal candy colors, minimalist compositions, iconic subjects, and offbeat humor landed him a spot on TIME Magazine’s Instagram 50. He sparked the digital-art movement, #candyminimal, inspiring thousands to create their own candy-colored photos. Each day, Matt features his fans’ best photos on this Instagram account.




3 – A beautiful mess

Who: Elsie + Emma

About: Sharing homemade recipes, crafts and inspiration from our readers around the world!




4 – A lovely indeed

Who: Chelsea Foy

About: Maker, blogger, adventurer,  making the world a more lovely place on the daily.





5 – The proper blog

Who: Lexy Ward

About: Maker. Styler. Joker. Mother. Craft boss at PROPER.






6 – The crafted life

Who: Rachel Mae Smith

About: Blogger + Traveler + Color Enthusiast





And what about you? What your favs?

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