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December 2016

24 days for Christmas

December 1, 2016

There’s something special about advent calendars. Open the boxes and find a little gift, so good. This year I will try something new: create a randmom acts of kindness advent calendar. These are my 24 favorites randmom acts of kindness that I suggest to write down and add to your advent calendar. If you liked it and would like to create a similar calendar feel free to contact me and I will give you the list of materials and help you building it 🙂

1 – Don’t write the angry internet comment you’re thinking of writing

2 – Help people with groceries

3 – Go to a nursing home and spend some time with them

4 – Forgive someone, and never bring up the issue again

5 – Let the person behind you at the supermarket checkout with one or two items go ahead of you

6 – Each time you get a new piece of clothing, donate an old one

7 – Give blood

8 – Volunteer in your community

lulupini_adventcalendar9 – Forgive mistakes.

10 – Buy balloons and go to a children´s hospital

11 – When you feel angry remember: “Better to be patient than powerful; better to have self-control than to conquer a city” (Proverbs 16:32)

12 – Stop and talk to a homeless person

13 – Leave money for someone at a vending machine

14 – Listen intently

15 – Compliment someone in front of others

16 – Write someone a letter. Like a real letter, on paper. And mail it

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17 – When everyone around you is gossiping about someone, be the one to butt in with something nice

18 – Call to a relative

19 – Write something nice on that person’s updates who posts on Facebook constantly. They’re probably lonely

20 – Give up your seat to someone on the bus or subway

21 – Help someone struggling with heavy bags

22 – Be patient

23 – Sponsor a child from another country (there are many organizations through which you can sponsor)

24 – Say “I love you” to a person you love


Yes, sometimes (or more often…) it’s hard to be kind and do the right thing (yeap, we’re all humans…), but remind yourself  (try it everyday…) that everyone is fighting their own struggles. Be kind to everyone, it will improve your mood.

Additional info: Let me share with you what I have used to create my advent calendar (pictures above):

  • Snow and cocoa collection – Crate Paper
  • Big Shot  – Sizzix
  • Gift Box Punch Board – We are memory keepers
  • Pompom maker – Clover
  • Masking tape – MT

You can find more ideas to randmom acts of kindness here. It was my inspiration 🙂

And you? Share with me your creative ideas to do in the most wonderful time of the year.

– All photo credit: Lulupini


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