January 3, 2018

2017 was a rollercoaster, I had to learn how to deal and live with an autoimmune disease very close to me.

I get married (I know, I have to write and post about it. Just a couple of photos and talk on my beautiful providers, believe me, they made all the difference), we worked very hard to have everything perfect for our day. We went on our honeymoon to Istanbul, Singapura, Bali (the post about Bali will come, so many tips to give you), Hong Kong just in a rush – and all of these destinations in 15 days…was so intense but so good. And the most difficult… just with a cabine bag and a small backpack (another post planned, how to travel 15 days with just a cabine bag, which clothes to choose, was a challenge but a very good one).

And we finished our year with a travel to Berlin.

And when I look back I only remember the blessings I had, so many, 2017 was my most special year.


This scrapbooking layout was made to remember the good vibes of Bali, because there you are always in a good mood.



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